Clinics and Services

  • Immunisation clinic – child immunisation clinics are held every Tuesday afternoon by appointment only service. Appointments issued by Child Services.
  • Mental Health, Substance Misuse, Alcohol -these are pre-booked appointments, please phone or call in for information.
  • IAPT and First for Wellbeing – Weeky clinics held. This is an appointment only service.
  • Midwife Sessions – our midwife is available by appointment throughout the week. You can book in directly to see the midwife if you know you are pregnant. Please make sure, if you are trying to conceive, that you take Folic Acid 400mcg (available from the Pharmacy) daily to prevent neural tube defects and make sure you maximise your general health by stopping smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Minor Ops – clinics are held on afternoons for the removal of cysts & moles, implant removals or similar procedures. There is a waiting list for these procedures.
  • Interpreter -We use language line in first instance, and can offer an interpreter service if appropriate.