Changes to the Repeat Prescriptions Ordered via a Pharmacy

We are changing the way that patients order their regular repeat medication.

This will only affect you if your prescriptions are ordered via a pharmacy. If you request your prescription directly from the surgery, nothing will change.

The dispensing and delivery arrangements will also be unaffected; it is just the ordering process that will be changing.

What is changing?

From 15th April 2019, we will no longer be accepting prescription requests from pharmacies for the majority of our patients. Therefore we are asking you to order your medicine directly from the surgery, rather than allowing your repeat prescriptions to be ordered on your behalf by your pharmacy.

How can my medication be ordered?

From 15th April 2019, the surgery will only accept repeat requests from patients, a nominated family member or from a carer. From this date onwards, your prescription will need to be ordered using one of the following options:

  • Online ordering (via website or smartphone app) – If you do not already have this set up, please see details attached. If you are still having difficulties, please contact us via one of the methods overleaf
  • Use a request slip (the right hand-side of your repeat prescription) to order the items that you need and drop this off or post it to the surgery. (You can ask the surgery or your pharmacy for this request slip).

Why is this happening?

Many patients and healthcare professionals have told us that they are concerned about the amount of medicines being wasted. We have looked at areas around the country and have seen that when patients order their own prescriptions, this is safer for patients, reduces waste and empowers patients to take control of their own medicine ordering. Over-ordering medicines costs the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds every year and we believe this money should be used to provide vital health services. Our NHS needs everyone to work together to make sure only medicines that are needed are requested.

“What should I do if I need the pharmacy to continue to order on my behalf?”

In very exceptional circumstances, the current method of ordering may continue. If you believe this is the case for yourself, please contact us by Friday 5th April in writing by return to the Practice.

Things to consider when ordering medication

  • Please remember to allow enough time when ordering your repeat prescription for those items that you need. It usually takes two working days for the prescription to be issued, and another 2-3 working days for it to be dispensed
  • It is important to order the medication that you take routinely on a regular basis. GP practices usually prescribe 28 days’ supply for most items, so it should only be necessary for you to order your medication ONCE every 4 weeks
  • If you have been advised to take certain medication only when required e.g. pain relief, please only order this medication if a further supply is required.

What will happen once the medication has been ordered and then issued?

This part of the process has not changed and you should continue to receive / collect your medication in the same way as you have done in the past. If you previously collected the green paper prescription from the surgery – you can continue to do so. For most patients, however, this is not necessary and your prescription can be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.